Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Settling In

I am settling in nicely into my new home. I keep an eye open in case I can sneak outside but mum is too quick for me and notices when I start to creep towards the door.

I heard mum say "just a couple more weeks" I think this means I will be able to go out soon.

I love having more space to roam around in. No more stairs which makes it easier for me too. I love looking out of the windows in all the rooms by sitting on the window sills.

I have led mum a merry dance. She couldn't find me earlier and I was sleeping in the bottom rung of the shoe rack. I heard her calling me and tried to make myself smaller unfortunately she heard the rack creak and discovered me.

I am tired now so having a nap moving is hard work.

Miaow from Missi

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Despite the fact I am furry, cuddly and loveable paperwork had to be dealt with for me to move.

Three yes 3 different departments had to be informed of my new address. First there was the RSPCA which was pretty easily dealt with via a telephone call. Next there was the inevitable insurance company.

Last but not least will be the microchip register when they eventually have enough staff to answer the telephone or mum gives up and does it online.

I am happy in my new home apart from the fact I am not allowed out. I want to go but mum won't let me I wonder what I have done wrong? Mum keeps soothing me and reassuring me so on the whole I am settling in well.

At the moment I am cuddled up on the top of my scratching post and hoping to sleep the rest of the afternoon as I have been fed and am cosy.

Miaow from Missi.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I have another new home

Well I found out what was wrong with mum. She had an operation on the 14th June no wonder she was anxious.

Last night I was placed in a grey plastic carry box. I had been in this nearly a year ago. I wondered where I was being taken. Please please not the RSPCA Centre yet again.

I was carried in the box on Mum's lap in our car. I don't mind the car journey Mum always makes sure I am ok at intervals during the journey.

The car stops and I wonder where I am going Mum carried me into the new building. What am I going to find? I am placed in the front room in the box until the various things that were in the car for my needs have been unpacked and placed in their positions.

Then finally I am released. I immediately spy my scratching post and toys. I pounce on it and scratch it. Then I find the rug. Oh boy this is loose and not secured by furniture like it was in the old home. Now it is it front of the fire.

Next I creep through the living room door and find my way around. Oh wow food is down for me already and water. Next I explore another room and find my litter tray. Everything I need is here.

I then jump on mum's lap purring loudly.

I have more space and freedom to roam. I keep miaowing to go outside but to no avail mum is stubborn and won't let me go. I wonder when I will be able to go out.

Meanwhile I will play with the rug. This morning I got my claws in it and managed to wrap myself up in it. Mum laughed when she saw me rolling around wrapped up in the rug. Good job no video camera was around or else it would have been sent into a tv programme LOL.

Oh well another night to settle down for.

Goodnight everyone.

Miaow from Missi.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I can feel tension in the air. Something is going to happen soon. New items have been placed in the house which I have never seen before. There is a big brown square box thing which has appeared out of a cardboard box this week.

There is a white thing with four legs which looks rather curious to me and I am unsure what it is.

A couple of large brown cushions appeared the other day they are lovely and I sneak to lie on these when my owners are out.

Last night a large brown paper bag appeared I have seen one like this before. I think "mum" must be going away again. She seems tense and I wonder what is up. Last night I sat on her lap and purred for an hour. This calmed and soothed her.

I wonder what is causing all the tension it is not the normal tension of going away for the weekend, it is something else.

"Mum" is doing her best to soothe me and keep me calm. I think we help each other to do that. I know "mum" loves me and I adore her.

My trick this morning failed, I tried to make out that I hadn't been fed by mum when dad came down. Normally the other way around works and mum feeds me thinking dad hasn't. Because mum got up first dad guessed I had already been fed. BOTHER.

I wonder what has made both of them so anxious they have been ticking off lists, and mum had a large form which she didn't fold back to fill in. It looked very official. I heard mum saying that she didn't like these types of form. It is put away now, so I presume it is all completed. Mum seems more relaxed now it is out of the way.

I wonder how many visitors I will have today I had a couple yesterday.

Mum can't settle she seems to be sitting up then lying down and vice versa. I am worried about her so sitting on the window sill right behind her. She seems happy knowing I am there.

Mum seems to go away a lot by herself when she returns there are different smells on her.

Dad is sitting close by her on the settee making sure she is ok.

I love my family and they love me. I hope everything will be all right.

Miaow from Missi

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I found a new toy

My owners had been out for the day on Saturday they returned with two oval shaped things with string on the end. They were lying on the floor so I decided to explore with my paw. The string moved, so I pounced, the blue thing moved so I touched this gently with my paw. I ended up cuddling the string and the strange blue thing.

The blue thing moved as the air in the room was being agigtated by the ceiling fan. I put my paw out to keep it by me, this worked, it moved again this time I was more determined to keep it by me so I held out my claws to hang on to the blue oval shape. It did not go bang it just shrivelled to a blue crumpled mass of rubber.

The white oval mass has been moved up out of my reach I wonder if the next few days this may end up as my next new toy.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It is that dreaded time of year again!!

For all you cat owners out there this post is for you.

Worming a cat is not fun especially if they are female and seem to understand what is going on.

A friend helpfully suggested getting good strong cheese and wrapping the tablet up in that. I followed said suggestion and attempted this all to no avail.

The first time I attempted putting a tablet down Missi's throat she was pretty well behaved. I held her by the scruff of the neck without harming her and all went well.

This time she seemed to know what was going on. I have no idea how or why she seemed to sense what was going to happen.

I gave Other Half (OH) strict instructions not to feed said cat this morning. All to no avail this fell on deaf ears.

Missi mewing loudly in the kitchen at lunchtime I thought now is a wonderful opportunity to get said tablet and put in the lumps of cheese and roll into a ball. No the little minx ran upstairs and hid.

On discovering where she was OH decided to take her food bowl up to her and coax her with some ham and said cheese balls. She took the ham but not the cheese. Wise old thing.

Food bowl duly fetched downstairs tried to sort out what was cheese what was tablet and what particles were what.

OH washed food bowl up and fresh food was put in ready for her tea. Tablet has now been disposed of as cat a bit stressed as is her female owner who has given up on a bad job.

Looks like it will be the wormer that goes on the back of the neck next time as I can't cope with force feeding a cat a tablet.

So I am calling it a day to remove all stress, anxiety and worry from what should be a routine task. The circulated email about how to worm a cat are completely true.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thank You Missi

Dear Missi,

Without you, I would not have written to Your Cat magazine and had the photograph published.

Without you I would not have written some poetry.

Without you for company when I have felt low I would not have got through them. You seem to sense when I am feeling ill at ease and come up on my knee for a cuddle.

You greet me each time I walk in through the door with a loud miaow even if you still have food in your bowl.

You have given me so much. All I can do is give you love and affection, feed you and clean up your mess.

Without you in our lives I don't know where we would have been. With you I am now fulfilling my dreams.

Half of this prize should be yours. Thank you so much Missi.

I love you.